Vastu is indian way of managing house and living in it. Its very important to know how to built a house. what are the types of house and how to use it. house is a place where everybody wants to feel comfort and prosper. welfare of family and safety.

Type of houses

There are many types of houses, like, Bhavana, Alay, Mahalay, kutir, prasad, nivash and many more,
As there are categories of house according to its building pattern and stuff used to built it.
Shalya(stone),kastha(timber), medini(soil), Loh(Iron), Tambra(coper) etc.
Direction wise categories of house are Purvabhimukh, Uttarabhimukh, Daxinabhimukh, pashchimabhimukh,
Lay out wise categories are..samchaturstra, Goumukhi, shihmukrhi, Trikon, dwimukhi and others

Science of Energy

vastu is a one type of energy force which creates energy grid in our house, there is two type of energy positive and negative if direction, size, orientation, materiel,angle and plaacement of things are not in proper way then VastuDosh occurs. Vastu Dosh is Harmful for habitant of the house,owner of the house and guest or tenant of the house.
Vastu Dosh can be identified by real visit of the house by vastushastri. Some scholars are using Vastu Devise for finding energy force and quality of it. some Smartphone also have apps which helps to find Vastu Dosh. But Basic and most useful way of finding Vastu Dosh is knowledge of Directions and simple vastu rule.


We have four Directions, four angles and two up and down horizon and vertical side on which our house is built. from this purv(East) and Uttar(North) are consider good direction, while Daxina(South)is bad direction and paschim is opposite direction. As square and rectangle palces are considered good while tringle is belived unauspious of living.
There is misunderstanding about facing of the house. Door in east is( headed towards east at exit) is east facing house, door in paschim means oriented towards east is west facing house. East facing is good and west facing house is not so good but business place is good when it is west facing.
As Daxin(south facing) house is not good, but warehouse cemetery and tunnel is good. Uttar(north facing) house is OK but temple, Samadhi, waterbody, river, spring is good.


Interior of the house is also important.We have four dirrection in the house. East is for kitchen, west is for balcony, South is for storage and north is for rest.
Home Devsthan(temple) must be at Ishan(North-East), Gas Stove or burners are suppose to be in Agni( South-East), Dranage should be on Nairutya(south-west) and open window, ventilation should be on Vayavya(north-west) corner.
There are other important things about Vastu are also needed to pay attention, like toilet, Bathroom, bedroom, porch, Entrance, water tank,

Vastu Form

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